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Ride With Your Pooch

What better way to enjoy the summer than with your best buddy? If there is one thing we have learned from our riders is that there is one thing dog’s like better than riding in a car, and that is riding on a CERO One!

Curious about the best travel purse for your doggo? How about these great options!

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5 Cool Ways to Use Your CERO One this Summer

Go Surfing!

If the waves are good, chances are the crowd-factor will be heavy before you even paddle out. Instead of a slow-crawl to the beach, struggling to find parking, get a warm up as you pedal to your favorite spot and jump in the water with a big smile on your face! On your way back, the pedal assist of the CERO One will make riding back a breeze, no matter how steep the hill or how tired your legs are from surfing!

How to carry your board, you ask? Check out the awesome Carver Surf Rack.

Go to the Farmers Market in Style

What if your transportation method was also your shopping cart? Thanks to the standard bike dimensions of the CERO One, you’ll navigate the rows of the market without problem. And with the Cargo Baskets on the CERO One, you’ll seamlessly traverse your favorite farmers market, picking out all the fresh produce you love, and ride home with your bounty in style!

Want to plan for a bountiful visit to the farmers market? Read this great guide!

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Yoga class by bicycle cero one electric cargo bike

Yoga Class by Bike

As you travel to center yourself and find goodness in the world, make the journey there an enjoyable, environmental, joy-producing journey. Yoga and bikes go together like prana energy and chakras.

Even better? Yoga can actually help improve your cycling fitness!

Just Having Fun!

It’s simple: bikes are a blast and being outdoor is part of the fun, especially in Summer. Add to that 20mph of pedal-assist speeds, great cargo capacity to go run some errands, and you won’t be able to put your CERO One down.

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