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After their initial review of the CERO One, it is an honor to once again be featured in a Bicycling Magazine article, this time in the company of many other great bikes that we admire, in their recent “15 Best Cargo Bikes for Ditching Your Minivan” feature. As we write this, 2019 looms around the corner and our hope for next year is that more people recognize the potential of electric cargo bikes as a viable mode of daily transportation that not only makes you feel good while you commute, but that actually helps our cities and planet be more livable and green.

Cero One

This maneuverable e-cargo bike turns circles around the competition. 


The Cero One e-cargo bike is built to carry plenty of stuff through a crowd: Its 20-inch front wheel lowers the front rack’s load and produces nimble handling. The Shimano STEPS motor tops out at 20 mph, and the battery provides 93 miles of e-assist; an 80 percent charge takes just 2.5 hours (5 hours for a full charge). The rear rack fits a basket or a Yepp child seat, and the front rack works with a basket or a platform for bigger packages. After her Subaru went to automotive heaven, our tester fit a week’s worth of groceries in both baskets.