Who are your e-bikes for?
Anyone! Whether you are a working professional looking to add more cargo to your working commute, a delivery business or restaurant looking to beat traffic via a cargo bike, a person looking to ride with kids to the supermarket, or anyone looking for a premium e-cargo bike… CERO is for you!

What does the name CERO mean?
CERO = the number zero, in Spanish. At CERO, we are proud to build cargo vehicles that produce zero emissions and help people reduce their carbon footprint.

What does your logo mean?
If you add an additional “R” to our name, CERO, you are left with “CERRO”, which means “hill” in Spanish. Our logo is exactly that, a hill like the type or bikes are made to conquer!

Where can I see or test ride the bikes?
Check out our upcoming events on our Facebook page.
If you are in LA, you can stop by our showroom.

Where can I buy a CERO bike?
You can buy our bikes exclusively on our website. Build your own bike now! 

What are the advantages of buying on cero.bike?
By selling our bikes directly to you we are able to keep price low, and avoid retailer price markups of up to 40%. The best electric cargo bikes at the best possible prices.

We specialize in developing the highest-quality electric cargo bikes and know our bikes inside and out. We promise to assist you with your CERO bike from purchase to assembly, to technical support for many happy years of riding.

As cyclist ourselves, we recognize the tremendous value that local brick-and-mortar bike shops bring to our communities and encourage you to visit them for their product variety and expertize.

Where are your bikes designed?
Our bikes are designed in Los Angeles, California, a city renowned for its traffic and population congestion. Everyday we are reminded of aim to alleviate this congestion.

Where are CERO bikes manufactured?
Our bike frames, racks, and baskets are manufactured by hand at the top bike manufacturers in Taiwan. Final assembly, tuning, testing, and certification are also completed by certified professionals in Taiwan.

Taiwan is world-renowned for their bike industry, and has been producing bicycles for top brands for many decades.

How can I contact you?
There are several ways to reach us. Please visit our detailed contact page for information. [link to contact page]

Our bikes ship out 95% assembled and are fined-tuned by qualified professionals.

All you need is to do is put on the front wheel, attach the pedals, put on the seat, lock the handlebars and stem in the right position, and voila! You are ready to ride. Watch our assembly video below:

For your convenience, we offer 2 ways to you to receive your CERO bike:

Send it to me
  • $100 Flat Rate**
  • We will ship directly to your home or business.
  • Easy Do-it-yourself Assembly
  • If you feel confident about assembling it yourself, you can use the following resources to finish assembling the bike:
Send it to my bike shop
  • FREE**
  • Contact your local bike shop before buying and ask them if we can send them your CERO bike and have them perform the final assembly.
  • On checkout, enter SHOPSHIP on the Coupon Code Box and enter the bike shop’s mailing information on Shipping Address.
  • We will call the shop to verify and begin processing your order immediately.

**For Alaska and Hawaii, shipping is $_______
**Accessories purchased separately can only be shipped to your address, and shipping costs vary by location.

Your CERO Electric Cargo Bike needs regular checkups and maintenance like a normal bicycle.

Here are the ABCs to keeping your bike in top working condition:

‘A ‘ is for Air

  • Our tires work best with a tire pressure of between x and y psi.
  • Check the tire air pressure at least weekly, depending on how often you ride the bike. The more you ride, the more often you should check!
  • Properly inflated tires will help you avoid frequent punctures.
  • In rainy weather, we recommend a tire pressure of between between x and y psi.

‘B’ is for Brakes:

  • Pull your brake levers and feel the level of pressure. They shouldn’t feel too loose nor too tight.
  • If you hear any squeaking noise, your disc breaks are likely dirty or maladjusted. We recommend bringing them to your local bike mechanic for inspection.

‘C’ is for Chain

  • Check that the chain is devoid of any gunk and rust.
Cero One Owner’s Manual (PDF)

Basket Installation Instructions (PDF)