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It was one summer morning in 2014, as Kiyoshi Iwai dropped his kids off to school, that he first saw a cargo bike. It was a dutch-style “long john” bike. In the car-centric culture of Los Angeles, the idea that someone would use this strange vehicle to take their kids to school took Kiyoshi’s by surprise. It reminded him of his days living in Tokyo, where the Mamachari bike was widely used. He wondered, “Why aren’t more of these bikes being utilized here in LA?”

So began the journey to create the CERO One; a modular cargo system on a step-through frame that could accommodate riders of different heights and cargo loads.

Early concepts borrowed inspiration from the Mamachari and other utility bikes, such as the British Royal Mail Bike.

Kiyoshi partnered with Vapor Studio out of Encinitas, California to develop the design and feel of the bike. Together, they conceptualized the kind of uses such a bike could have in the United States. They visualized the bike being used for various reasons including; commercial transportation, last-mile transportation and everyday commutes.

After many rounds of drafts, they landed on the sleek, modern design you see today on the CERO One. It incorporates the utility of the Mamachari and British mail bikes and bringing it to the 21st century.

The CERO One in Midnight Black. the cumulation of years of design.

The CERO One was purpose-built to include key features that make up the most high-quality electric cargo bike available. Starting from the top down, the CERO one incorporates a Satori adjustable stem with up to 100mm of up-down range and a 90 degree tilt. Plus, we added a twist feature that allows the user to reduce the width of the bike for easier storage. No more awkwardly angling your bike to fit it in the garage.

Kiyoshi and the team included two cargo racks; one up front and one over the rear wheel. Owners can equip baskets, panniers, or even a Yepp Maxi Child Seat. All without the need for an adapter.

Speaking of carrying cargo, the CERO One wouldn’t work without its step-through design. Swinging your leg over any bike can be a hassle and adding cargo on the back makes it near impossible. That’s why we implemented a step-through design so you can do just that: step through. This design makes getting on and off the bike a breeze.

Nestled between the top-tube and down-tube of the CERO One, you will find the quiet and compact mid-drive motor that supports your pedaling up to a cool 20mph. Kiyoshi and the team included a reliable 10-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain that works seamlessly with the pedaling power of the motor unit. With this support, you can whiz past other cyclists without even breaking a sweat! Simply flip the bike into “high” when approaching a hill and the motor will take the hard work out of pedaling through the most intense concrete urban commutes.

Watch to see how this reviewer was able to make a trip to the hardware store on his CERO One.

No bike would be complete without tires. The CERO One features puncture-resistant, e-bike certified tires by Schwalbe for smooth riding with the heaviest of loads.

When it finally came to naming the colors of the bike, Kiyoshi was reminded of that day when he dropped his kids off at school. He chose Halu Blue, named after his son and Shio Grey, named after his daughter. More colors would later come, but it was the initial family sentiment that gave Kiyoshi the inspiration to create such a unique and practical bike.

All these features make the CERO One the best e-bike on the market. It is bred from passion and designed for utility. Check out the options below!

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