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How far can I go?

Range is the most important consideration for any potential e-bike rider. Nobody wants to get stuck at work or the grocery store with a loaded bike and no battery. Thankfully, the CERO One pairs Shimano’s latest, 504 Wh battery with their super efficient pedal-assist 250 watt motor, which gives you ranges of up to 93 miles on a single charge (depending on which mode of assist you are using, and other factors like terrain, cargo weight, etc.). What’s more, if you did happen to run out of battery, you can still pedal and use your gears to pedal back home! (the bike will feel a bit heavy but it won’t be as heavy as with a rear hub motor!)

Read more about the amazing Shimano Steps system.

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Why the small front wheel?

The CERO One pays tribute to many classic cargo bike designs that also feature a small front wheel, such as the 1930s butcher bike (seen in the picture on the left), the British Royal Mail Bike, and the Japanese Mamachari. The reason for that 20″ wheel up front is so that the front cargo’s center of gravity is lower to the ground, leading to increase stability. In addition, you have more room above the front cargo rack to put your stuff.

How fast does it go?

The Shimano Steps motor will provide up maximum pedal-assist speeds of to 20 MPH, which classifies the CERO One as a “Class 1” category e-bike. Of course, if you have Tour de France caliber legs or you are going downhill, the bike can easily go faster than 20 MPH.

Cero One Electric Cargo Bike
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How long does the battery take to recharge? How long will it last?

Easy: 2.5 hours will get you 80%. And 5 hours will charge it up to 100%. You can plug in the charger directly onto the battery while mounted on the bike, or you can remove the battery and charge it inside your house or office. You can expect the battery to last up to 1000 charging cycles before you start to see it degrade. And yes, it’s possible to buy a replacement years down the line.

How much weight can I carry?

Each rack – whether front of back – is rated to carry up to 55 lbs. Our recommendation is, if you load one rack to that 55 lbs, don’t put more than 22 lbs on the other. This will ensure the bike is balanced and still easy to handle. Of course, we always recommend our customers to practice with different weight distributions – every person is different, and while one person might feel comfortable putting 100 lbs of cargo on the bike, another person might only feel comfortable carrying 50 lbs. Total maximum recommended weight on the bike (cargo and rider) is 300 lbs. Have further questions, please contact us!

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I am rather tall/short – will the bike fit me?

We designed the CERO One with features that make it a one-size-fits most bike, and we are fairly comfortable that the bike can fit riders from 5’2″ to 6’4″. Those features include a 100 mm, adjustable stem, with an additional angle reach. Plus a 350 mm seat tube for the saddle height adjustment. The low step through on the frame means you won’t have a need to be swinging your bike over a tall top tube!

What can I do to protect my CERO One?

To start off, you will always want to use a sturdy lock, wether a thick chain lock or u-lock, to a secure and unmovable object. Then, you want to take advantage of the ABUS Frame Lock that comes with the CERO One, which prevents your CERO from being the thief’s getaway vehicle in case they cut the lock. Finally, always bring the Shimano computer display with you, which you can very easily slide out.

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How much does the bike weight?

With the battery and front cargo, the bike rounds up to around 56 lbs. Sounds heavy compared to a regular bike, we know, but e-bikes average between 40 to 70 lbs, so it’s right around average.

Have questions of your own?

Let us know! We will be more than happy to help!

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