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Dress (Your Bike) to Impress

One thing we have learned about Cargo Bikes and Cargo Bike Culture is that they are all about individualism. By their very nature, with their beefy frames and racks designed to carry people’s stuff, they are bikes that beg to be customized with custom-made, DIY contraptions. Riders of our CERO One surprise us every day with their ingenious ways, creating mind-blowing bike setups that fits their individual transportation needs. Here are some of the most creative uses we have seen so far…


The City Dweller

Our LA-Based Customer Kyong, has the most miles on his CERO One that we know of (so far). He owns a car, but would much rather conquer LA on 2-wheels, and once a week takes his bike via train to San Diego to teach a university course. Now, that’s commitment! To expand the “trunk” of the CERO One, Kyong bolted down a tool box on the bike’s rear rack, which he keeps safely locked, and carries everything from his work gear, a change of clothes, and an array of bike tools.

Bob Vaughan Bike

East Bay Living

Bob is one of our more recent customers. After buying his bike from Spokes Bikes in Berkeley, he quickly impressed us with his setup. Based in Northern California, Bob is an avid rider, and felt right at home with the CERO One, except now he has a Big Cargo Basket to work with in addition to the rear rack. Some cool touches of his own include the handy rearview mirror, his own preferred saddle, the basket-mounted bottle cage, and that awesome white toolbox and side cargo bags in the rear!

Yoga Setup


Cruising through sunny LA on her way to teach a Yoga Class, rider @theisabelleroyer wowed us with her ingenious use of the bike. We’ll let her tell the story: ✨✨✨✨✨ My ride to teach Yoga on the Octagon this morning…. speaker, mic, mat, it all fits on my @cerobikes and is so much easier to park! ? ?‍♀️ Thanks @velofixlosangeles for hooking me up.? ✨

Customer Dough Whitman Coloradolowreslow res

Rocky Mountain Ride

A few days after receiving the bike, Doug in Colorado impressed us with this picture of one his outings. Already maximizing the usage of his front basket (for Chinese takeout, in this case!), he went out to his local bike co-op to drop off some gear, using our trusty platform mounted in the rear rack, all while riding in -20 degree temperature! We couldn’t help but notice the handy addition of an extra bag on the top tube – great idea!

Our Favorite CERO Cargo Setups

Doggo + Bike = Happiness

@houndofthewood is a therapy dog based in Berkeley, California, who brings many-a-smiles to people when riding around town. We love his big, comfy bucket, where he often invites other doggos to sit in and ride along. Just look at how happy he looks with his CERO Bike! Plus, we have no doubt that he is a very good boy.


Bike on Bike

Mitch is in love with bikes. He is not sure how many he owns at this point, but his collection spans the range from classic bikes, to road bikes, mountain bikes, and self-made frankenbikes. So in the absence of a car, he uses his two CERO bikes to transport not only other bikes, to carry everything from groceries to, get this, a lawnmower.


Cargo with a Mission

When we heard @GoBoxPDX bought a CERO One from our dealer in Portland (Splendid Cycles), we had to look into them. Were blown away, not only by their mission to “Go #zerowaste with reusable containers” for food takeout and Portland’s famous food cart, but their intended goal of transporting these by CERO Bike!