Press Reviews

Electric Bike Review
“A compact electric cargo bike inspired by the Japanese Mamarachi, it’s easy to mount and steer, very well balanced, responsive, efficient, and capable” >>Read More
Bicycling Magazine
“Just makes car-free life better. This bike makes me really, really happy to ride it. The STEPS system relieves a lot of the top-end effort and takes the “ugh” out of running errands by bike on a hot day” >>Read More
Forbes Magazine
“It’s a solid bike made from high-quality parts, including a 250-watt motor. And the ride is pretty comfortable — I can easily see commuters using this as an everyday e-bike, because of its compactness.” >>Read More
“I see the CERO One as the type of e-bike that could actually serve as a car replacement for many people that live in urban or suburban areas. It’s not going to solve your interstate travel needs, but it can definitely perform almost anyone’s grocery shopping and general errands around town.” >>Read More
Electric Bike Action magazine
“We found the CERO One to be a very versatile bike. It’s obvious that Kiyoshi and his crew really did a proper job of research and prototyping. The bike rides well and carries plenty of cargo. We quickly found ourselves riding it a lot locally instead of taking a car. It’s fun to ride, well-built and gets you wherever you want to go quickly. Range is superb. As a first time effort, we’d say the CERO is a home run.” >>Read More
New Atlas
“Modular CERO electric cargo bike rides like a thoroughbred, hauls gear like a mule. The new CERO One joins this growing market fleet of compact, versatile electric cargo bikes, bringing a customizable cargo platform good for carrying groceries, kids, surfboards and more.” >>Read More
“The “Mom’s Bike” has never looked sexier.” >>Read More
Fox News
“If this bike doesn’t help you get from A to B, you might have to take a car. The Cero One is an electric cargo bike, so you can load it up with a laptop bag, a picnic basket, and anything else you want in three cargo baskets.” >>Read More