Hollywood Racks Ebike Hitch Rack


Hollywood Racks created a custom hitch rack for CERO that allows for 2 CERO bikes to fit side by side!**

  • Designed for two CERO bikes to fit side by side without the need to remove the front baskets!**
  • Also allows for one CERO bike plus other regular bike or e-bike (except for fat tire bikes).
  • For 2″ Hitches Only.
  • It includes extra heavy duty wheel holders for heavy load carrying capacity.
  • The rack can fold flat against the car when not in use and can be tilted for easy access to the cargo area.
  • Also includes keyed alike locking hitch pin, 8′ security cable, and locking frame to keep your rack and bikes secure during travel.
  •  Features Hollywood Rack’s patented No Wobble-No Tools Hitch Tightening System.
  • **Please note that if you have any baskets mounted in the rear, you will need to remove those so they don’t clash with the front cargo. Only a combination of small basket in front and rear can fit side-by-side in this case.