Introducing: CERO One Rent-Before-You-Buy Program

Your Rental Fee counts towards the purchase of a CERO One!

Want to try out the CERO One before you commit to buying? Or simply want to rent a fun electric bike for the day to ride around Santa Monica and Los Angeles?

Now you can, with our Rental Program!*

Rent for the day, a full 24 hours, or several days to put the bike to the test as you go to work, the grocery store, or just cruising towards the beach! Santa Monica is only a 3 minute ride away through a paved bike path!

*Currently only available in our Los Angeles Showroom


$ 15


Daily (8 hours)

$ 50


24 Hours

$ 70

/24 hours

2 Days

$ 100

/2 Days

3 Days

$ 125

/3 Days

Yepp Child Seat

$ 10


Theft/Damage InsuranceRecommended

$ 10


How It Works

Reserve your bike using the form below, or feel free to either call us at 310-857-6306 or email us at

Frequently​ ​Asked​ ​Questions

Don’t​ ​see​ ​your​ ​question​ ​here?​ ​Contact us!

Q:​ ​Where is this service offered?
A:​ ​At this moment, only in Los Angeles, CA.

Q:​ ​How​ ​does it work?
A:​ ​It’s​ ​simple!​ ​You can Rent the bike in one of three Ways:

1 – Fill out the form above with your request.

2 – Walk into our showroom during weekday hours, 9 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday. We are located at 11340 W. Olympic Blvd, Suite 350. Los Angeles, CA, 90064 – Please call in advance to confirm availability at 310-857-6306

3 – You can make a reservation for the rental via email at, letting us know you’re interested in renting a bike, for how long, and any additional request. You can also call us at 310-857-6306.

When you reserve the bike, we will need to authorize your credit card for the full value of the CERO One during the rental period, but will of course only charge the rental amount at the end.

Q:​ ​I loved riding the bike and would like to purchase one, can I really credit the rental fee towards buying the bike?
A:​ ​Absolutely! Our goal is to get more people on bikes and we would be happy to credit the rental amount towards the purchase of the bike. If you’re interested, ask us how! Please note that we can only credit the amount of the maximum 3 day rental of $125.

Q:​ ​​I’m not interested in buying and just want to rent a bike for fun. Can I do that?
A:​Most definitely! Santa Monica is a short ride away, with many great restaurants, shopping, and the beach!

Q:​I want to rent the bike for more than 3 days, I can do that?
A:​ ​You can can rent for additional days, after the 3 day period, for $35 per additional day. Please note that we can only credit the amount of the maximum 3 day rental of $125 towards the purchase of the bike.

Q:​ ​Is there an age restriction?
A:​ ​At this moment, rentals are only available for people 18 and older.

Q:​ ​What will I need to rent?
A:​ ​At time of pickup, you will need to sign a liability waiver, a credit card payment authorization form, and either an acknowledgement of additional insurance or a decline of optional coverage.

Q:​ ​Do I have to pay Sales Tax?
A:​ ​Yes, we are required to collect sales tax for the total amount of the rental and any accessories. No sales tax is charged on the optional insurance.

Q:​ ​Do you provide helmets and a lock?
A:​ ​Yes indeed, we have you covered with a lock and helmet, and will give you an explanation of how to best lock the bike safely.

Q:​ ​Do you offer insurance?
A:​ ​We offer and encourage to get additional daily insurance for $10/day, to protect against theft or damage.

Q:​ ​What happens if the bike gets stolen or is damaged?
A:​ ​With the additional daily insurance, you would only be responsible for half of the cost to replace the stolen bike (police report required) or damaged part(s). Without the insurance, you would be responsible for the total cost of replacement.

Q:​ Where should I lock the bike overnight?
A:​ We ask that you do NOT leave the bike outside overnight. Please bring it into your house or hotel room.

Q:​ I noticed you have several kinds of baskets, can I choose any configuration?
A:​ ​Yes. Just please let us know in advance to check on availability.

Q:​ ​Do you offer free test rides?
A:​ ​Yes, we are happy to offer 5 to 10 minute test rides of the bike at no cost.