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My office is on the other side of a bunch of big hills and winding roads, so the idea of regular biking to or from work or down and then back up from Westwood Village was just too daunting, plus I didn’t really relish the idea of showing up to the office sweaty and gross every day. Then I also carry a ton of books and stuff all over, back and forth, and really wanted to be able to bring groceries back up easily— a trip that easily took 45 minutes if we were lugging them while walking but also felt silly to do in a car when it’s such a short distance and dealing with all the student pedestrians and car traffic made it miserable.

Since having the bike for a few months, I can get everywhere faster and more conveniently, avoiding most traffic and parking headaches in my regular working life, easily dropping by the store and ferrying what I want to and fro. My ‘commute’ has gone from 25 minutes to 9, and I’ve discovered that the other bike people all do a double take or compliment me on my ride. The only thing I really worry about is keeping it safe from people who are jealous of it…oh and because we only have one, I have to share it with my husband…

– M.L.C. in Westwood, CA


The bike was so easy to maneuver and the power from the battery made it effortless to ride.  The small front wheel makes it easy to accelerate and the wide handlebar makes it easy to push.  Oh, and the adjustability of the handlebar, stem, seat post and saddle can turn a fast riding to an upright Dutch riding style.  Best of all, you can ride it without the pedal-assist on flat surfaces and it felt like a regular bike.  My wife became interested in it after a ride to a park.  She rarely goes on a bike ride with me in the morning to take our son to school.  But now because of CERO One, she comes with us to school and I would say everyday.  Hahaha, my son chooses to ride with my wife on most days.  No kidding.  He chooses CERO One over the Butchers and Bicycles!

All in all, it’s a great electric bike and both my wife and son love to be on it!

– C.T. in Pasadena, CA
Cero Bike Reviews
Cero e Bike reviews
I was really amazed at how it helps when riding on an incline, and generally takes the edge off of biking altogether. The bike is well-constructed and comes with everything you need to get biking. A lot of bikes come with cheap “starter” parts that quickly need to be replaced, which is not the case with the CERO. The bike also comes with a built in rear wheel lock and an optional chain which plugs into the rear wheel lock – genius! I opted for the small front basket, the chain lock, and will be purchasing the rear child seat once my son is old enough to ride along. In the mean time, you can catch me riding around with my dogs in the front basket.
It may sound hyperbolic, but this bike has really changed the way I look at Los Angeles. Suddenly my 30-45 minute, 3 mile commute from Santa Monica to Marina Del Rey became a 15-20 minute cruise. I use the bike a lot on weekends, too. I find myself zipping around town to run errands or meet up with friends. Your city becomes much more accessible when traffic doesn’t matter and you don’t need to search for parking.
This is a great product created by great people. Thanks for showing me a new side of LA!
– B.D. in Los Angeles, CA


Here’s a quick picture of ‘lil blue loaded up to go to the bike coop for gear drop off followed by Chinese food pickup!

I’ve put 40 miles on it so far and it’s as cool as promised and more.

It fits my whole family though we might need to buy another one as I’m hogging this one!

– D.W. in Colorado Springs, CO
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I love my Cero!

I am a long time cyclist. I bought an electric cargo bike to use as a second car. I use if I am traveling less then 10 miles one way. I love the balance of the Cero. I love that the frame is step through, when carrying a heavy load this feature makes it easy to get on and off.  I use a trailer, panniers and the giant basket to haul stuff. I live on top of a steep hill, but have made it up the hill with heavy loads. I love that the basket is big enough for a pizza box. My brother teased me when I bought so I sent him out for a test ride,  he returned with a big grin. That is how I feel — I grin every time I use my Cero!!  Oh and the blue color is great too

J.K. in Golden, CO

We LOVE our CERO bikes! We live in Sequim, WA and ride the hilly Olympic Discovery Trail often. These bikes make the ride easy and enjoyable for us retired older women. Last week we took them on the ferry to Victoria Canada and rode the Lochside Trail up to Sydney and back. Our bikes easily carried our overnight gear as well as whatever we needed to enjoy the ride….with bike energy to spare. And the bikes fit perfectly in our 6′ truck bed.
– R.S. in Sequim, WA
Cero Ebike Electric Cargo Bike Review
Electric Bike review


I had been looking for an electric bike for a year. I looked at really expensive ones. I looked at cheap ones. I looked at some that only could go 30 miles and some that would hold a longer charge. Time passed.

On Facebook one day I saw the Cero.

The shop was in my neighborhood and offered test rides- I called right away.

I bought it the day after I rode it. GREAT BIKE!

Love the huge basket in front for purse, packages , groceries. Whatever. It goes fast.

10 minutes to work on the bike path.

C.P. in Santa Monica, CA

I’ve been an avid bike rider since 1970. I’ve owned road, mountain, recumbent, tandem, folding, and an adult trike. Upon reaching age 75 and undergoing knee and hip replacement surgery I realized my abilities had somewhat diminished. Started considering e-bikes and read reviews. The Cero One was love at first sight. It’s excellent in all aspects. Build quality, user friendly, comfort, and most of all VERSATILITY. Whether short or long rides, with or without cargo it fits the bill. The step thru frame is an icing on the cake. The price gets you everything you want at a lower cost than the majority of it’s competitors. I have a Copenhagen Wheel on my Easy Racer and it’s not as 100% dependable. Life is short. GO FOR IT
– R.M. in Southhold, NY
Cero Bike Customer Review
Buddy Caudill


I bought a CERO straight from the company in Santa Monica. The people are super nice. They are a family owned business and that comes through in the interactions that I’ve had with them. They’re honest and forthright.

I’ve had a few other ebikes (Stromer, Elby, FOCUS) and the CERO is my favorite by far. It’s light and agile, but it also carries a ton of cargo. I opted to put the large basket on the front and I can use it to carry two bags of groceries home from the store.

My girlfriend and I have been toying with the idea of selling one of our cars and I think the CERO is the bike that is going to make it possible.

If you’re thinking about it, go for it. You’ll be stoked.

– B.C. in Sausalito, CA
Extremely clever in design and build.  I have not seen a more useful and practical application with a bike and I have previously owned and ridden other ebikes and cargo bikes.  I use it for commuting to work, daily outings with my toddler and when my wife wants to ride-along.  The bike is made of very high quality and innovative components (heavy duty basket, full kickstand with chain guide, single key system, Schwable tires, Satori stem, larger capacity Shimano battery, etc.).  I have been using this bike daily for 6 months with over 3K miles and still as excited and fun to ride as when it arrived at my door for assembly.
– T.S. in Huntington Beach, CA
CERO e-bike
I used a CERO e-bike for a video shoot in Los Angeles. Using CERO Platform racks on the front and back and a handful of bungees, we secured the camera case and lenses case, as well as backup batteries, mics and more. All in all, about 50 lbs of equipment. The bike handled the weight no problem. It’s a sturdy cargo companion. And the pedal-assist made riding — even up one steep, 10% grade hill — a breeze. I loved the versatility of changing out the cargo components (for around town, I’d use a Big Basket, not the Platform), and I also loved the battery life. I’ve geeked on e-bikes for the past half-decade, and the battery power today is more than you’ll need for a day of riding or commuting. We rode it — with stop and starts — from sunrise to sunset and the battery ended the day with 60%+ life still left. The display is also convenient and visible, even in direct sunlight, and the controls are simple to use. The one thing I wish it had is a quick release seat post clamp, because we had riders of different sizes riding it throughout the day, and you have to adjust the current clamp with a bike tool. But, the current clamp is super secure, and it is a quick adjustment with a hex key. Overall, I had an awesome experience, and this is a super-sturdy, well-built bike. And it’s fun to ride!
– M.A. in Santa Monica, CA

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