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As 2017 winds down, I want to take a moment to say THANK YOU to everyone that helped make the CERO One bike a reality.

3 years ago, when I started on this journey to create an electric cargo bike, I knew this would only be possible if I partnered with the right people. I feel incredibly blessed and thankful to everyone who opened their arms to our project and who shared their expertize, advice, and talents. So, this is a heartfelt THANK YOU to our engineers, designers, suppliers, and industry friends their incredible support. This could’ve not been done without you!

An extra special THANK YOU goes out to our early customers, who journeyed with us through the final stages of development and production, and who are now receiving their bikes! We want to hear from you, and know how you’re enjoying the bike, and we invite you to continue on this journey with us!

We live in Los Angeles, California – famously one of the most car-congested cities around the country. Our goal at CERO One has always been to provide a transportation tool for people, so they can feel empowered to leave their car at home and do more with their bike. We are fully committed to this goal, and in 2018, we hope to see you around the country, as we try to get the CERO One to as many places as possible!

Happy New Year from the CERO family to yours!

Kiyoshi Iwai – CEO, CERO Bikes