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The ultimate compact electric cargo bike




Your new S.U.V.

(Super Utility Vehicle)


The e-bike that delivers more. Faster


Featuring Shimano Steps


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“Excellent Ride. I would definitely recommend buying a CERO Bike. This is the future and I love the design! :)”

J.H. in Santa Monica, CA

“This bike is awesome! Fast, sharp, fun and easy to ride. This bike is a must have”

R.H. in Los Angeles, CA

“These guys have thought about a lot, I am excited about this bike because it is just so thoughtfully engineered”

C.R. in San Jose, CA

“It is a great and very smooth ride, especially responsive when starting and stopping”

M.G. in Santa Monica, CA

“This is the cargo bike that I had been looking for: something that isn’t as long as other bikes but can still carry more than a normal bike!”

A.T. in San Diego, CA