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“I’ve put 40 miles on it so far and it’s as cool as promised and more. It fits my whole family though we might need to buy another one as I’m hogging this one!”

D.W. in Colorado Springs, CO

“Since having the bike for a few months, I can get everywhere faster and more conveniently, avoiding most traffic and parking headaches in my regular working life, easily dropping by the store and ferrying what I want to and fro.”

M.L.C. in Westwood, CA

“My girlfriend and I have been toying with the idea of selling one of our cars and I think the CERO is the bike that is going to make it possible.”

B.C. in San Francisco, CA

“Sturdy cargo bike great for transporting heavy stuff safely (and it's fun to ride!).”

M.A. in Los Angeles, CA

“My brother teased me when I bought so I sent him out for a test ride, he returned with a big grin. That is how I feel — I grin every time I use my Cero!! ”

J.K. in Golden, CO

“Excellent Ride. I would definitely recommend buying a CERO Bike. This is the future and I love the design! :)”

J.H. in Santa Monica, CA

“These guys have thought about a lot, I am excited about this bike because it is just so thoughtfully engineered”

C.R. in San Jose, CA

“My wife became interested in it after a ride to a park. She rarely goes on a bike ride with me in the morning to take our son to school. But now because of CERO One, she comes with us to school and I would say everyday.”

C.T. in Pasadena, CA

“Your city becomes much more accessible when traffic doesn’t matter and you don’t need to search for parking. This is a great product created by great people.”

B.D. in Santa Monica, CA
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