7 Reasons Why the CERO One is the Right Bike for You


Unlike many other e-bikes that use white-label frame designs from Chinese factories, we made the CERO One from the ground up, working with renowned industrial design and Engineering teams in the U.S., who sought inspiration from classic bike designs like the European Cycle Truck and the Japanese Mamachari. That is why the CERO One looks unlike any other cargo bike, yet performs like the best of them!


When it comes to electric bikes, the most important things are the motor and battery quality (you don’t want a no-name system that no bike shop will touch and that might catch fire!).

Here is some of what you get with Shimano Steps on the CERO One:

– Shimano’s highest capacity battery (504Wh) for up to 105 miles of range!
– One of the lightest and most compact motors in the market.
– Smooth shifting with Gates Carbon Drive belt and internal hub gears.
– Strong yet intelligent pedal assist for a solid, natural feel.
– Incredibly easy to operate.
– Very durable to handle all weather conditions. It’s the Shimano quality you expect


We can’t talk about a cargo bike without mentioning carrying stuff! The CERO One comes equipped with with front and rear cargo. First, choose any of our 3 cargo baskets for the front. The rear rack is super versatile: add one of our baskets, mount some pannier bags, add a child seat, or just tack on a good old milk crate! We love to see what our customers come up with!


Here is where our bike stands out from the competition! In addition to the quality motor & components, great design, and awesome cargo, the CERO One is packed with good stuff:

– Powerful Front and Rear Lights (Front: Spanninga Axendo 80, 2 LEDs, 80 Lux. Rear: Spanninga Solo, 1 LED).
– ABUS Frame Lock
– Strong Double Leg Kickstand
– Ergonomic grips and Saddle from Ergon
– Schwalbe Big Ben Plus tires specially made for e-bikes, with puncture resistance.
– Custom Fenders to keep the rain and mud away.
– Adjustable stem for reach and comfort.


We are proud of the design, manufacturing, and component quality of the CERO One, but of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out this review of CERO Bikes by Richard, in San Diego. Or what some of our other customers around the country have to say about the bike. Finally, check out our collection of Press Reviews to learn even more about the bike!


Our biggest joy at CERO is connecting with our customers, whether in person, phone, email, or social media! We are always there to help with any questions about the bike, warranty issues (2-Year Warranty included!), recommendations, or just to chat about bikes, you can count on us.


Cheaper e-bikes might have attractive prices but the risks outweigh the savings, and they are likely to be collecting dust in a few years. Other quality electric bikes similar to the CERO One cost at least $1,000 more at your local bike shop. An investment in a good e-bike, like the CERO One, will pay off in the long run: you’ll have years and miles of riding on your bike, not to mention big smiles throughout.

We’ve been told by many of our customers that they ultimately bought the CERO One because it provided “the right mix of quality components and features for a great price“. Others have called it “one of the best values you can find in an ebike/compact cargo bike.” We agree!