Braking Power Engineered for Safety

In the evolving world of electric cargo bikes, the CERO One stands out not just for its remarkable ability to carry load but also for its braking system.

Let's break it down!

Understanding the critical importance of safety in conjunction with performance, our team, led by the innovative engineer Forest Yelverton, has implemented a Shimano hydraulic disc braking system that meets the necessities of a high-quality electric compact bike made to carry load.

When you carry load, breaking needs to be even more powerful.

The Necessity of Superior Braking Power

The CERO One is designed to cater to a wide range of cargo needs and to go up to 20mph in a few seconds. However, with great power comes great responsibility — or, in this case, stopping power. Recognizing this, our team has equipped the CERO One with a Shimano hydraulic disc braking system akin to those found on high-performance mountain bikes, ensuring control and safety.

Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes: Tailored for Heavy Loads

To match the e-bike's capacity and ensure optimal performance, the CERO One features hydraulic disc brakes with different rotor sizes: 180mm at the front and 160mm at the rear. This distinction is critical for handling the dynamic weight distribution of both rider and cargo, especially during deceleration. The front brake, equipped with a larger 180mm rotor, is crucial for absorbing the majority of the braking force as weight shifts forward, thus providing enhanced stopping power and control.

Shimano Components and Resin Pads: The Choice for Reliability

At the heart of the CERO One’s braking system lies the renowned quality of Shimano components, paired with resin pads for a smooth, reliable braking experience. Shimano's hydraulic disc brakes are celebrated for their durability, precision, and maintenance ease, making them an ideal choice for the CERO One. The resin pads contribute to a quieter, more controlled braking experience, essential for the varied environments and loads an electric cargo bike encounter.

Designed by Experts, for Maximum Safety

Forest Yelverton, the brilliant mind behind our hydraulic braking system choice, brings a wealth of experience and a keen focus on rider safety. This dedication to quality ensures that riders can confidently navigate any situation, from bustling city streets to more challenging terrain, with peace of mind.

In conclusion, it’s not just about getting to your destination; it’s about enjoying the journey with confidence, knowing that your safety is backed by the best in braking technology. Experience the difference with the CERO One — where power meets precision, and safety is never compromised.

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