EUROBIKE: Winning the GOLD Award

CERO Bike CEO and founder, Kiyoshi Iwai, landed in Friedrichshafen, Germany on Sunday September 1st with his eyes set on winning gold. He was attending the 15th annual EUROBIKE Show where, hundreds of thousands of people in the bike industry gathered for a 4-day bike expo full of speakers and exhibitors alike. The event kicked off on Tuesday, September 3rd where attendees came together to learn about the future of bicycling and to further explore their involvement within the industry. This year’s main focus was urban mobility solutions.

The attendees were excited to learn about the newest and most cutting edge technologies to enter the bike world. With thousands of bike enthusiasts at the show, each was focused on the state-of-the-art bicycle updates that EUROBIKE had to offer. From cutting edge bicycle accessories to the newest bicycle parts and even entire bicycles prototypes, the show had something for everyone.

The range of products is what makes Eurobike so unique in the world,” said show director Dirk Heidrich. “We have a number of highly innovative products, but we also have exhibitors in the purely sportive sector, which will raise enthusiasm and visitors.”

Seeing who takes home the show’s unique awards was still a sight to see. As the main awards drew closer and closer attendees’ excitement increased at the chance to get a glimpse of the shows’ award winners. The winners were chosen by twelve bicycle expert panel judges from all over the world. Their bicycle background consists ofdesign, retail, industry and media. The winners were funneled through a two-stage evaluation procedure where the panel pre-selects the winners and then meets to choose the bicycle company with the best advances.

“The Eurobike Award is one of the most important genuine yardsticks for innovation and design in the bike world — from the manufacturers, via retailers, to the end users,” said Heidrich.

The awards are divided into three separate categories with a unique number of winners in each category. The categories are: Gold Award Winners, Green Award Winners, Start Up Winners and Winners. Gold being the most esteemed and prestigious award of the four categories. It is given only to nine bicycle affiliated companies out of hundreds of entries for their leading engineering, function and design.

The EUROBIKE Awards were also presented in ten different categories: (e-)urban bikes & (e-)cross bikes; (e-)cargo bikes; & (e-)fitness bikes; (e-)mountain bikes; (e-)racing bikes; (e-) special bikes; bicycle components; start-ups; bicycle accessories; digital and concepts projects and apparel.

CERO then takes home GOLD in the (e)-cargo bike category! Iwai was accompanied by CERO One engineers, Forrest Yelverton and Zach Krapfl, who attend the event every year. Bringing home GOLD was a huge milestone for the company as winning GOLD is the epitome of awards in the bike world.

We would like to thank the engineers, frame manufactures, assembly company, designer and entire CERO team who have contributed in creating the best cargo bike in the market. A huge thank you to the EUROBIKE organizers for an amazing event and the jury panel for acknowledging CERO Bikes. CERO is honored and humbled to have received the GOLD Award. Thank you.