SHIMANO Total Integration with the CERO One

At the heart of the CERO One lies the SHIMANO STEPS E6100, a motor that combines compact design with powerful output. The SHIMANO STEPS E6100 Drive Unit that's within the CERO One is seamless integrated with the other Shimano components. With a comprehensive 2-year warranty, the CERO One delivers reliability and performance for years to come.

Enhanced Riding Experience

The STEPS E6100 Drive Unit is equipped with SYMPHOMATIC technology, optimizing the pedaling environment and ensuring responsive and maneuverable handling.

It takes you to 20mph effortlessly in seconds. The integration of a dedicated five-speed hub gear, designed to withstand the extra load from the mid-motor, further enhances the riding experience by offering a range of gearing options suitable for various terrains and riding styles.

SHIMANO Total Integration: A Game Changer

The SHIMANO STEPS E6100 Drive Unit's integration with the rest of the Shimano components and the CERO One creates synergy between a high-quality motor, the battery systems and the rest of your e-bike.

Unlike e-bikes equipped with lesser-known systems that may pose reliability and safety concerns, the CERO One benefits from Shimano's reputation for quality and durability. Here's how this integration enhances the riding experience:

  • High-Capacity Battery: Equipped with Shimano's highest capacity battery (504Wh), the CERO One offers an impressive range of up to 105 miles on a single charge. This means you can enjoy longer rides without the constant worry about the next charging point.
  • Compact and Lightweight Motor: The E6100 motor is among the lightest (5.7 lbs) and most compact on the market, contributing to the CERO One's maneuverability and ease of handling.
  • Smooth Shifting: The integration with Gates Carbon Drive belt and internal 5 hub gears ensure smooth shifting. This system not only enhances the natural feel of the bike but also minimizes maintenance.
  • Intelligent Pedal Assist: The motor provides strong yet intelligent pedal assistance, adjusting seamlessly to your riding style for a more enjoyable and efficient ride.
  • Ease of Operation: The system is designed to be incredibly user-friendly, ensuring that riders of all levels can operate the bike with ease and confidence.
  • Durability: Built to withstand all weather conditions, the CERO One exemplifies the durability and reliability expected from Shimano products.

2-Year Warranty: Peace of Mind

Understanding the importance of reliability and customer satisfaction, the SHIMANO STEPS E6100 Drive Unit comes with a 2-year warranty. This warranty covers the motor and battery, offering peace of mind and assurance of the system's quality and durability. Riders can enjoy their CERO One with the confidence that they are supported by Shimano's commitment to excellence.
You'll be able to repair and maintain your bike in most bike shops.

Conclusion: A Superior Urban E-Bike Experience

For those who value quality and demand the best in urban cycling technology, the CERO One equipped with the SHIMANO STEPS E6100 Drive Unit represents the pinnacle of e-bike innovation. Its blend of speed, range, and exceptional build quality makes it the perfect choice for discerning riders seeking a premium, efficient, and enjoyable cycling experience. The SHIMANO STEPS E6100 is more than just a motor; it's a commitment to advancing the joy and freedom of cycling, setting a new benchmark for what's possible in the realm of electric bikes.